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Bates Military Boots – Why these Tactical Boots Are a Good Choice

Posted on January 28, 2021| Guides
Bates Military Boots – Why these Tactical Boots Are a Good Choice

Bates Boots for Police and Tactical Work


Bates military boots are ideal for strenuous outdoor use and are available with a range of desirable features. Sometimes referred to as tactical boots, let’s take a closer look at Bates’ range of footwear, who it’s are suitable for, and their tactical models’ best features.


What are Bates Tactical Boots?

They are tactical boots worn by law enforcement and military personnel. Yet, many companies use the term “tactical” to apply to standard work boots. Bates, on the other hand, produces real tactical military footwear, worn by people in active duty.

Military boots should be durable, tough and useful to people fulfilling a range of first-responder duties. Soldiers, police officers, ambulance workers, security guards, and others will find this type of boot meets their needs. Usually, those who wear military footwear can be split into three categories.


Silhouettes of S.W.A.T. officers holding their guns



1) Casual-wearers who find the support and durability of a tactical boot beneficial for day-to-day wear

2) Military personnel who are generally offered a Bates boot or something similar as standard issue.

3) Law enforcement who choose military boots for their lightweight, flexible design.


Why Choose Bates Military Boots?

Durable and lightweight

If you’re choosing to wear military footwear, you probably need your footwear to be tough and long-lasting. Spending hours on your feet and negotiating challenging terrain, you need boots that are sturdy enough to work as hard as you do.

Bates military boots have exteriors made from Wolverine Warrior leather. Bates’ proprietary leather, Warrior is breathable pigskin with 3M® leather protection. This leather also won’t crack, even after many years of duty. Even with these tough leather uppers, Bates keeps its range lightweight with a polyurethane outsole and memory foam heel. Another type of brand is Under Amour combat boots.

Bates’ 5” Tactical Sport Boot is the most lightweight boot in their range. Perfect for people who expect to run or climb during their working day, these boots are super light and look suitable for hiking. The only disadvantage is that they don’t have any of the great waterproofing features of other models in the Bates’ range so aren’t ideal for wet weather.

Supportive and comfortable – Bates

Being in the military is one of the most demanding roles in our society so military boots must both protect and serve the wearer. It’s hard to feel you’re performing at your best when your feet are aching. As a result, Bates has dedicated a great deal of research to create their own shock absorption and comfort systems. Bates’ individual comfort system (ICS) features an adjustable disk that distributes pressure around four zones of the foot. Bates’ boots are also fitted with durashocks, compression pads that absorb shock and transfer energy in the heel and pad of the foot. All Bates’ models also feature rubber Vibram® outsoles, recognised as the best high-performance soles on the market.

Bates also caters women’s unique support needs with their Women’s GX-8 insulated tactical boots. A tall boot with a side-zip that makes them easier to put on and take off, these offer great support to wearers with thinner ankles and have extra thermal insulation.

Hazard resistant

It’s difficult to pre-empt potential hazards when you’re serving in the military or working in another high-risk profession. That’s why Bates’ boots resist a range of hazards. The high-quality leather uppers repel liquids and oils and are very difficult to puncture. Certain styles of military footwear also include a steel toe or lighter composite toe that meets or exceeds ASTM F2413-11 standards. Steel toes are electrical hazard safe and composite toes are temperature-resistant.


Working outdoors brings your feet into contact with the elements. Extreme cold and extreme heat can make your feet uncomfortable and, in some cases, cause injury. Military boots should be easy to remove in case of injury, which is another reason a side zip comes in handy. To cool your feet down in hot weather, Bates’ models have a Gore-tex lining and, in some cases, side-vents. These features allow moisture vapor to escape but stop liquid from getting in. To keep your feet warm in cold weather Bates’ boots have Thinsulate insulation that is cozy yet lightweight and breathable.

Materials like top grain leather and premium grade nylon give Bates’ boots superior waterproofing. As anyone who has worked outdoors knows, keeping your feet dry is absolutely essential if you want to be effective.

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