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The Best Farm Boots to get Your Work Done on the Ranch in 2022

Posted on February 23, 2021| Work Boots
The Best Farm Boots to get Your Work Done on the Ranch in 2022

Working on farms is a tough job and you need to trek through many types of terrains every day. Without the right boots, you could find your feet damaged and even water coming into the boot. Having to work with wet or damaged feet all day will make the job that much tougher.

The best farm boots are designed to ensure you have comfort with every step you take and to keep your feet protected from everything nature has to offer.

We have included the most important features that you should look out for. Understanding these features could ensure that you get the right pair of boots and best value for your money.

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We will start this guide with a list of some of the best work boots for farming you can buy today. If you’re interested in learning what to look for when buying a (new) pair of farm boots, make sure to read our buying guide below as well!

The Best Farm Boots in 2022

To help you and simplify the search process, we have selected 11 top-rated boots. These farm work boots have all been picked based on their performance and the features that they include.

1. Georgia Men’s Giant Wellington Ranch Work Boots

Starting our list, we have the Georgia Men’s Giant Wellington Work boot. It features a high-cut design with no laces that need to be done up, making it a stylish alternative to a rubber muck boot. The majority of the boot is constructed from full-grain leather, while the outer sole features wide lug rubber to keep you from slipping on water or oil.

Flexed notch corners allow you to have additional flexibility when moving on even surfaces, but these boots should also be ideal for horse riding on the farm. The insole and midsole are both cushioned to ensure additional comfort and reduce the fatigue from prolonged working hours.

You can read another review of a Georgia Wellington boot here.

Unfortunately, the work boot is quite heavy and the steel shank does ramp up the weight a little, but this shank will offer great support and ensure that twisting injuries never occur. Overall they are really affordable. They are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but they will fit most budgets. We would definitely recommend them for the value and support they offer while working on your property or acreage.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Great flexibility
  • Durable from top to bottom
  • Slip resistant on water and oil
  • Well priced
  • A steel shank for great support

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • The boot is quite heavy
  • Make sure you choose a size that’s slightly smaller as sizes can run large

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2. Ariat Men’s Sierra Wide Square Steel Toe Work Boot

Next up, the Ariat Men’s Sierra Wide Square Steel Toe work boot. These are designed with a tanned leather upper, sturdy Goodyear welt construction and include a thick rubber sole that ensures optimal grip for nonslip and safety. These boots are also incredibly stylish, featuring a unique Western-style motif on the front and a square steel toe for added protection. Who says you can’t look cool in a pair of muck boots?

Advanced Torque Stability Technology is included with a composite fork shank. This amplifies the stability you have when walking on those uneven surfaces and will also keep you protected from accidents that could happen when your vision is impaired in tall grass. The ATS technology is found in the inner sole and will improve the overall comfort.

With large lugs on the outer sole, you will not be slipping on wet grass anytime soon and the addition of the ASTM F2413-11 rated steel toe, your feet will definitely be protected in virtually any situation. These boots are a little heavy with the steel toe, but the design is well worth it – especially if you enjoy working in style.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • The boots are really affordable
  • A gel cushioned insole ensures comfort
  • ATS technology offers great support
  • Safety toe
  • The composite fork shank reduces the weight

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • Some inconsistencies with the stitching on the heel cups
  • They are also quite heavy

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3. The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot

To call yourself the authority on muck boots you must offer extreme levels of water resistance. The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot lives up to its name. It’s designed from leather and nylon and, while this does reduce the durability somewhat, it will ensure that you stay dry in the wettest and muddiest of conditions. The high-cut design offers protection all the way up to your knee for those high grasslands.

The heel is a little wider than you would find in many other farming boots and this is purposefully done to add stability without increasing the weight. The boot also features a warm inner lining that could keep you warm in subzero temperatures on those early cold mornings in the barn or around the paddocks.

We love the design and the wider lugs on the outer sole. This ensures you will be less likely to slip. The additional kick rim is perfect for walking and avoiding stubbing your toes against heavy machinery or rocks when your vision is impaired. If you have larger feet, the boot should also be perfect with an opening of 17.75-inches.

These boots are quite affordable and would be perfect for men and women on the farm. If you’re searching for the perfect rain boot then you should look no further. The MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot is as waterproof as anything we have ever seen.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Lightweight design
  • Fully waterproof
  • Unisex design
  • Slip-resistant outer sole with large lugs

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • The lack of a shank limits support
  • No leather reduces the durability
  • The overall sizing is quite large

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4. Red Wing Heritage Beckman Round 6″ Boot

Red Wing is one of the top brands preferred by many. Their work boots are not only durable but stylish as well. The Beckman Round 6″ is designed from premium, full-grain leather and features a tanned coating to keep your feet dry.

The outer sole is made from rubber, with large lugs that have smaller lugs to ensure you have more stability and you’ll be less likely to slip or fall when getting in and out of the tractor, and the solid Goodyear welt construction makes this an incredibly durable boot. It also includes a large, bulging plain toe to ensure comfort and the inner lining will not only wick away moisture but also ensure you do not have to deal with abrasion.

These boots have a timeless feel and design, even though they look a bit more like a farmers shoe. They will be perfect for you on the farm, they can be used for any other projects as well. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive and the sizing is a little too big. We suggest trying half a size smaller than your normal size.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Timeless design
  • Water-resistant tan on the leather
  • They have large rubber lugs to keep you from slipping

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • They are quite expensive
  • The sizing is a little big

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5. Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6″ Work Boot

If you love a padded collar, the Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6” Work Boot should be a great option. It features a Premium leather upper with a stylish white crepe outer sole. This is sole is not quite as durable as rubber, but since it is a little softer it offers more resistance to shock and impact. This could also help reduce the tension on your feet.

The padded collar is ideal for extra cushioning, but it also helps to keep your feet warm in colder conditions. The leather has been tanned and this will give the shoes a degree of water resistance, but they aren’t ideal for walking through deep puddles (for that, you’ll need a rain boot).

The nylon shank offers some support and will fight fatigue, while you will have the option to add a steel toe if needed. This boot is perfect for ranch workers and it is actually really affordable. We would definitely recommend this for farm work. They will also be perfect for leaving the ranch and heading to the town.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • The price
  • Comfortable outer sole
  • The padded collar
  • Nylon shank to help fight fatigue
  • Stylish design makes the multifunctional

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • They are not waterproof
  • The optional steel toe will spike the costs
  • The lace eyelets aren’t as durable as the rest of the boot

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6. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Work Boot

The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift is an all round work boot, but don’t let that put you off. Caterpillar are one of the oldest brands in the business, putting almost one hundred years of experience into every new piece of footwear, and the results rarely disappoint.

The Second Shift boots are rugged but also packed with features to optimise your comfort on the job. Caterpillar’s trademarked Climasphere insole, coupled with a nylon mesh lining, ensures a high level of breathability, while a removable PU sock liner helps to keep your boots (and your feet) fresh all day long.

A rubber outsole offers slip resistance and a high level of traction. And of course, a steel shank provides you with increased support and stability, no matter what your day of labour throws at you.

These boots are available in both leather and nubuck, though we’d recommend picking leather if you want these boots for working on the farm, with steel toe caps coming in as an optional extra.

If you need a pair of boots to wear both off-site and on the ranch, these could be the ones for you.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • A good all-rounder
  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Available in a wide range of colours

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • Less heavy-duty than specialised farming boots
  • Far less water protection than a pair of rain boots

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7. Kamik Hunter Insulated Boots

If you want a solid pair of rain boots but don’t feel like shelling out for Original MuckBoots, the Kamik Hunters could be for you. Yes, they may be cheaper than their rivals, the Chore Hi-Cut Boot, but don’t be fooled by the price tag. These beauties come packed with features to ensure you enjoy your work day with dry and comfortable feet.

These winter boots are made from synthetic rubber and have an adjustable nylon collar. Kamik claim they are also 100% waterproof and resistant to both oil and acid.

And an innovative thermal guard liner (made from 100% recycled materials) will keep your toes warm in even the bleakest of winters, with its two-layer system designed to wick moisture away and retain body heat.

Oh, and these boots are temperature rated to -40°C! Though perhaps we should not be surprised, seeing as they are made in Canada. They’re also constructed without materials either made from animal byproducts or tested on animals, meaning that buying a pair will also insulate your conscience.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Temperature rated to -40°C
  • Partially made from recycled materials
  • Made without the use of animal byproducts or materials tested

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • No shank makes them less comfortable than conventional work boots
  • Synthesised rubber body is less durable than leather

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8. Irish Setter Men’s Two Harbors 11″ Pull-On Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots

Yep, the name of this boot by Irish Setter is quite the mouthful. And it comes with a price to match. But it also comes with the features to justify the price.

According to the good people at Irish Setter, the Two Harbors 11” features their trademarked UltraDry waterproof protection and patented StableFlex technology. The former is simply a fancily named contraption that keeps out moisture while wicking perspiration away from your foot (but fancily named or not, it works).

The latter is a technology intended to give the wearer a supportive and stable heel platform while still offering a high level of flexibility for the forefoot (and this works too).

Elsewhere, steel toe caps afford you the protection that one expects from a more robust pair of working boots and a non-metallic shank provides greater comfort when relied upon for prolonged periods of time. A thick and heavily grooved Vibram sole provides great traction and abrasion resistance, and a cement welt construction is said to be capable of surviving even the toughest of working conditions.

In fact, these boots are so hard wearing that they might be the last pair you ever buy. Which, for this price tag, wouldn’t be so unreasonable. Yes, the Irish Setters are very expensive but, if money is no object, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pair of all-rounders.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Great all-rounders
  • Incredibly durable
  • 11” shaft height offers protection on most terrains
  • Cement welt construction for longer lifespan
  • Non-metallic shank makes them great for longer working hours

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • Expensive

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9. Carhartt 6 Work Safety-Toe NWP Boot

The Carhartt 6 Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boots are another pair of all-rounders that won’t feel out of place on most ranches. With their simple design consisting of black rubber soles, oil-tanned leather and lace closure, they also won’t look out of place in the pub after work. At least if you somehow manage to keep them clean.

Their list of features is one that, by now, we are accustomed to. A FastDry lining wicks sweat from your feet, steel toe caps shield them from impact and compression, and thick, treaded soles provide suitable traction and a degree of shock absorption.

But there is a little more. Cushioned polyurethane insoles enhance the shock-absorbing qualities of this boot further while providing your feet with greater support over the course of a working day. More impressive still, those thick soles also offer secondary protection against contact with electrical circuits of 18,000 volts or less (under dry conditions), meaning the boots meet ASTM 2413-17 electrical hazard standards.

The Carhartt 6s are also light-weight, further increasing their versatility. They may be less suited to the specific rigours of farming than most purpose-built ranch boots, but they meet all of the basic requirements while also boasting a few additional bonuses. We probably could have placed them on a number of different lists, such is their quality and range of potential uses. They may not be flash but, if you use your boots for more than just farming, they could be the right boot for you.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Incredibly versatile
  • Light-weight
  • Offer protection against electrical circuits of up to 18,000

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • Not waterproof
  • 6” Shaft height offers limited protection

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10. Original MuckBoots Muckster II Ankle Boots

We know, it’s another pair from Original MuckBoots. But the Muckster II Ankle Boot is an excellent light-weight work shoe. As these boots are only ankle-high, they’re easy to slip on and off, making them great for everyday use while also affording the wearer much freer movement than boots with a higher shaft.

In addition to the comfort offered by their light weight and soft body, the Muckster IIs boast a breathable fleece lining that will keep your feet warm and safe from both perspiration and outside moisture. In fact, they are so resistant to the cold and damp because they are actually snow boots, but they are so versatile that we included them here too.

They are made from natural rubber and possess a modest tread that will fare well on most terrain. Being ankle boots, their shaft height is just six inches, meaning they won’t offer you the same protection as conventional rain boots, but they will leave you more than adequately protected when dealing with rain, light snow, slush and even the thickest of mud.

They may not boast steel toe caps or offer the same levels of arch support as more heavy-duty farming boots. But if you’re looking for a low-cost boot to keep your feet warm and dry while working outdoors, these are a solid choice.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Waterproof
  • Relatively low cost
  • Comfortable

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • Offer little protection compared to more robust work boots
  • Offer less coverage than conventional rain boots
  • Not very stylish

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11. Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot For Farming Men

And finally, the Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot For Men. The 6-inch boot has been synonymous with the Timberland brand for over 40 years, and this latest addition to their line more than lives up to the legacy.

As it should. This is another expensive boot, but at least you know that when you’re buying it, you’re buying a piece of heritage. It’s stylish too, coming in eight different colours and even giving you the option to design your own.

Thick, honey lug soles provide a sturdy base and great gripping power, and Timberland’s trademarked PrimaLoft insulation keeps your feet warm.  In addition to this, the Premium 6s come with a seam-sealed build to guarantee protection against water. They’re even made from premium waterproof leather, sourced from a silver-rated sustainable tannery.

On top of this the boots have a leather lining for enhanced comfort, including leather-lined anti-fatigue cushions and supports in the footbed, and a comfortable padded collar.

Sadly though, they do not quite live up to the durability or protectiveness of more robust work boots. There are no steel toe caps, and any boot which recommends a suede restorer brush in its care instructions is perhaps not best suited for the arduous life of everyday ranch work.  
Purpose-made farm boots offer far more of the ‘nitty gritty’ features for a fraction of the price.

What we like about these farm boots:

  • Stylish design available in a range of colours
  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable for wearing away from the farm

What we don’t like about these farm boots:

  • Very expensive
  • Less robust than many cheaper alternatives

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How the best rubber boots for farm work could simplify life and save you some money

Before we dive into the features, we need to address one key question and many people are torn between choosing leather or rubber for their boots. Depending on the location of your farm ranch, your answer will vary, but the season and your budget can also play a huge part in determining which work boots you should be wearing.

For wet conditions, the rubber (or at least boots with a good rubber sole) will generally be the best option, as rubber can be treated to offer water resistance. We have looked at the best boots for farming work and how they could simplify your life.

They are also a little lighter and more affordable, but you will certainly sacrifice some durability for a cheaper price.

Rubber is a great option, but you can easily combine these two and stick with a leather upper and rubber outer sole. The rubber outer sole is extremely good at providing grip on the most daunting of surfaces. Work on the farm and ranch is likely to become more and more run by machines in the future but it is unlikely that humans will be not needed all together.

Overall we would consider both leather and rubber work boots to be suitable, but the combination of both will give you the best of both worlds. More and more top brands are reverting to premium leather for their footwear, as it is one of the most durable materials.

Key features to note when buying boots for your ranch

Farm and ranch boots do differ in some ways from work footwear that you would use for jobs like construction. We have come up with a list of the most important features that you should keep an eye out for to ensure that you get the best possible boots for your job. These features might spike up the price, but having quality and comfort will definitely be worth that price tag.

2 farmers and cropper

Materials of Farm Work Boots

We have already mentioned why rubber and leather are both good options for farming, but how does synthetic leather come into the fray? Synthetic leather is a weaker form of natural leather that looks the same but has offers durability.

When looking at the materials of your boots, you should try to stay with full-grain leather or rubber. High-cut muck boots made from rubber are perfect for grassland areas on farm work and they offer more protection. This footwear design will keep your feet and shins dry and protected and are a top choice for best boots for work on the farm and ranch.

Outer sole

While it is always important to look at the outer sole, this becomes imperative when working outdoors on your acreage. Weather conditions are definitely unpredictable and you will need to keep working in wet weather.

Ensuring that your outer sole is slip resistant is one of the most important things you could do. For this, we would recommend rubber as the base material and wide or larger lugs on the outside. The larger lugs should have space between them that will offer some additional grip. Trust us, you need a good rubber sole.

footwear sole with tread

Inner lining of Farmer’s Boots

On the ranch or farmstead the inner liner plays a huge part. Not only does it keep the water from coming in if the leather has failed, but it also wicks away the moisture. The liner is designed to help resist any possible abrasions as well.

Gore-Tex is generally the best for jobs that require you to walk through arduous terrains. If you find yourself in the colder climates , you might want to consider Thinsulate, which is designed to keep you warm as well.

How Comfortable is the Inner sole

Depending on the hours you spend working on the farm, the inner sole will also play a huge part. The top inner soles are generally made from memory foam, but we also understand that this could be costly. EVA is definitely the next best option and while it does not keep the shape of your feet, it will mold to that specific shape. PU inserts are the most affordable and while they are still great, they do not offer as much comfort.

Waterproof capabilities which Farming

Lastly, you will need to ensure your work boots offer water resistance. Nothing is worse than having water seep into the boots at the start of the day and having to tread around ranch or barn with feet wet. This could potentially lead to bacterial infections and just spoil the entire working day. So you need a pair of boots that are waterproof.

farmers with cowers in paddock

Tanned leather is definitely the best option to keep water out, but rubber is naturally impervious to water and does not absorb it either.

If your leather boots have not been tanned, they will start absorbing the water. This can lead to the leather rotting if it isn’t dried out, or it will harden and start to crack.

Support System

The support system commonly refers to the shank of the boot. This will offer additional support that complements the materials. Carbon fiber is generally a good choice since it is lightweight, but if you are not spending as much time on your feet around the paddocks, you could consider a steel shank. The steel shank offers great stability. The final option is the nylon shank and this offers decent support without increasing the weight or spiking the costs too much.

Since most ranches have uneven and muddy terrains that you will need to walk on, the shank will definitely be handy. Should you experience any slips or even step on uneven surfaces, the shank will keep your ankle from twisting and offer some support to help reduce the fatigue.


With all the brands and technology, choosing the best boots for working on your farm is tough, but choosing the number one boot is the toughest. These boots are also special and unique and they offer something to anyone.

Both the Georgia boots are really well designed, but we have chosen the  Georgia Boot Men's Giant Wellington Work Boot as the winner. When compared to the other farm working footwear, this one stands out with the full leather design and the steel toe. These boots are affordable and it will keep you dry in the rain and muddy conditions as well.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. We hope that you have found one of these to help you on your ranch. If you think we have missed any of the best farm boots you have used, we would like you to drop a comment below and let us know why you have chosen it.

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