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The 7 Best Work Boots for Women in 2022 (Lightweight & Steel Toe Design)

Posted on February 23, 2021| Work Boots
The 7 Best Work Boots for Women in 2022 (Lightweight & Steel Toe Design)

We know how hard you work and how important it is to find the most comfortable women’s work boots for your feet.

You need specialized footwear that will be comfortable, tough, fit your specific job and look good. The best work boots for women will differ from men’s so we’ve reviewed many of them to give you our top picks and which features to look for.

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We will start this guide with a list of some of the best work boots for women, that are both lightweight and have a steel toe. If you’re interested in learning what to look for when buying a (new) pair of work boots as a woman, make sure to read our buying guide below as well!

The Best Women’s Work Boots in 2022

Now, let’s dive into the main part of this guide and look at each of our 7 top picks separately and in more detail.

1. Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Safety Toe

Caterpillar is a world-renowned brand with a vast array of boots to meet the different needs and requirements of women and men alike. Carlie is one of the very best Caterpillar has to offer from its line of steel toe work boots for women.

The Carlie design have been designed with iTechnology, keeping durability and comfort in mind.

This leather-crafted footwear features a rubber sole and a waterproof, full-grain leather upper. The comfortable cushioning ensures your feet remain at ease no matter how long you stay in them.

Carlie boots are impressively lightweight. Weighing a mere 2 pounds, they won’t tire your feet no matter how long you wear them. A comfortable cushioning keeps your feet at ease, while the Ortholite footbed effectively eliminates odor. This work footwear also offers electrical hazard protection in dry weather conditions.

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Water-proof, full-grain leather upper
  • Steel toe & electrical hazard protection
  • Ortholite footbed for odor resistance
  • Lightweight, extremely comfortable, & durable

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • Lacks shock absorption
  • Lacks puncture-resistant soles

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2. Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boots

Timberland is a brand well known for the durability, style, and comfort of its products. Timberland’s PRO line of trade footwear features specialised work boots offering a balanced combination of comfort and durability. One of the products from their PRO line is the Titan, an ultimate pair of work boots for women.

The exterior is made of extra durable, waterproof full-grain leather that can withstand severe environmental conditions. Soft leather has been incorporated around the ankle area to your feet relaxed. The high traction rubber outsole provides excellent resistance against oil and slip.

To ensure maximum safety, they have been incorporated with steel safety toe. Women’s Titan boots also feature electrical hazard protection. This solid combination of protection and comfort features makes the Titan an ultimate safety toe choice. (composite toe vs steel toe What’s the difference?)

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Rubber outsole for oil/slip resistance
  • Water-proof, full-grain leather upper
  • Soft leathers around ankles for extra comfort
  • Steel toe & electrical hazard protection

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • Lacks moisture & odor resistance
  • Lacks shock absorption

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3. Justin Gypsy Steel-Toe

Justin’s Gypsy best footwear design for women are a versatile pair of work boots that have been widely applauded by women for its solid combination of comfort, endurance, and stylish appearance. They come in four different colors and although these primarily work boots, their stylish design gives you a cowgirl type of look.

The Justin Gypsy design was crafted using 100% leather. They are fully water-proof while the rubber outsole provides high resistance against slip and oil. They’re not all about style only, and are extremely comfortable and durable as well. For enhanced protection, steel caps have also been incorporated into the toes.

To sum it up, Justin’s Gypsy are stylish women’s steel toe boots while being durable and comfortable.

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Stylish and classy
  • Steel toes for added protection
  • Rubber outsole for slip/oil resistance
  • 4 different colors available

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • Lacks extra padding for the arches of your feet
  • Lacks hazard protection
  • Lack shock absorption

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4. Caterpillar Women’s Jace Safety Toe

Jace is another fine pair of women’s work boots by Caterpillar. They’re sleek and attractive and offer superior levels of comfort and ease. Inside, you will find a Nylex sock liner along with a plush interior to ensure maximum comfort for your feet no matter how long you wear them. The water-proof upper is crafted using wool and suede leather, comprising an aesthetically pleasant design.

They are equipped with a steel toe that has been rated safe by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). They also feature electrical hazard protection and have been awarded the same rating by ASTM for electrical hazards safety.

Jace are a fine pair, offering unparalleled levels of comfort and endurance with maximum safety they are also one of our top picks for women’s waterproof work boots.

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Nylex sock liner with a luxuriously comfortable interior
  • Waterproof upper made of suede leather & wool
  • Steel toe and hazard protection
  • Superior levels of comfort and ease for your feet

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • Lacks cushioned insole
  • Lacks shock absorption

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5. Skechers Women’s Workshire Peril Steel-Toe

Skechers is an award-winning global leader in the footwear industry, offering a large array of footwear for all your needs including work, sports, and outdoor activities. Skechers for Work is their specialized line of footwear tailored towards working women. The Workshire Peril belongs to this line and are undoubtedly one of the top female worker boots currently available in the market.

Workshire Peril boots have been designed using Relaxed Fit Design technology. As the name suggests, they have been crafted keeping in mind the utmost comfort levels for your feet. The heels and sides have leather overlays for enhanced stability. Moreover, a soft fabric lining and extra padding see to it that your feet remain far from tiredness and unease throughout the day.

When looking for construction boots women and men need safety, a shock absorption midsole with wide impact distribution which has all been incorporated in this footwear. Steel caps in the toes are also in place for added safety of your feet. Finally, the outsole features a lug pattern to provide maximum resistance against oil and slipping.

To summarize, Workshire Peril is a premium boot; with a stellar combination of style, comfort, and endurance.

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Made with ‘Relaxed Fit Design’ technology
  • Steel toe and shock absorption
  • Fabric lining & extra padding for comfort
  • Highly stylish, comfortable, and durable

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • Exterior is not water-proof
  • Lacks puncture-resistant sole

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6. Harley Davidson’s Darice Work Boot

Harley Davidson is globally recognized for its choppers and recently, the company decided to plunge into the industry of work boots by manufacturing the ‘Darcie’ for women.

This stylish working footwear is made of premium grain leather with rubber outsoles for resistance against slip and oil. The one-inch block heel can make it slightly uncomfortable to wear them for long hours but the soft and comfortable interior definitely makes it worthwhile. The Darice have a sleek shape that fits most foot shapes well and have an attractive design overall.

These are stylish and lightweight and easy to pull on and strap. Although they don’t come with a lot of safety features, the comfort level is absolutely superb. If it’s comfort that you’re looking for, this footwear for labour intensive occupations is one of our top picks.

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Highly durable
  • premium grain leather
  • Rubber outsoles for resisting slip/oil
  • Lightweight and easy to pull on
  • Superior level of comfort

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • No safety toe
  • Lacks shock absorption
  • Lacks odor and moisture resistance

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7. Caterpillar Echo WP Safety Toe

​ ​

Last but not least on our list is Caterpillar’s Echo WP work boots for women. Made with high-quality, waterproof nubuck leather, they are capable of withstanding extreme environmental factors. The outsoles are made of SRX, ensuring flawless resistance against slip and oil. The 8-inch shift is ankle-high and provides added protection.

The Echo WP footwear have impressive safety features as well. They come equipped with steel toes, rated safe by ASTM. Electrical hazard protection is also in place, making the Echo WP work footwear a perfect combination of comfort and safety. Moreover, the mere 2 pounds of weight mean that your feet won’t feel a hint of fatigue even if you wear this footwear all day long. In conclusion, they possess some good features.

What we like about these women’s work boots:

  • Water-resistant Nubuck leather
  • Extremely lightweight
  • SRX outsoles for resisting oil and slip
  • Steel toe and hazard protection

What we don’t like about these women’s work boots:

  • Lacks extra padding for arches of your feet
  • Lacks shock absorption

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Choosing the Perfect Women’s Work Boots

Choosing the right pair of work boots for women largely depends on the occupation and the environment of your workplace. There are several factors that need to be considered such as dry or wet conditions, the temperature of the workplace, condition of the floor surfaces, and nature of the work (normal/heavy duty). Considering all these factors will help you in choose the perfect pair.

You also need to keep in mind your foot type, the level of comfort that you require, and the number of hours you’ll be wearing them each day. Most women would also like their boots to be classy and fashionable, at least to some extent.

Women’s Work Boot Safety Features to Consider

When working in a physically demanding job, safety should be a top priority. Not only should your work boots be durable, breathable, comfortable and lightweight, they should also have features that keep you safe while you work. Workplace safety is regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). OSHA recommends considering the unique hazards of your job and choosing appropriate footwear to minimize the risk of injury. When shopping for work boots, look for the following safety features as a minimum.

Protective Uppers

The best work boots are made from protective materials. Some jobs involve the use of corrosive materials, hot substances or small objects that could fall and pierce the surface of your boot. Because of this the uppers of your boots, the material covering the top and sides of your feet, must be resilient. Good quality leather is a great material for uppers as it is waterproof, reasonably flexible and very strong.

Protective Soles

The soles of your boots create an important barrier between the surface you walk on and your feet. During your working day you may step on corrosive or sharp materials, walk or climb on slippery or uneven surfaces or be exposed to electrical hazards. Most employers recommend a good thick, lugged rubber sole that is pierce-proof, heat-resistant and offers good traction. You can also purchase work boots with electrically conductive soles that protect against static build-up. When static gets too high, the smallest spark can set off a fire or explosion. Other soles are designed to prevent the wearer from completing an electrical circuit with the ground. The risk of workers coming into contact with live electricity is small but under the right circumstances work boots that can withstand electrical flow could save a life.

Safety Toe Caps

Safety toe-caps come in steel, alloy and non-metal composite materials. Women generally find toe-cap boots heavy and uncomfortable to wear. However, if you work in any job where a heavy object or piece of machinery could roll or fall onto your feet, safety toe-caps are essential. In construction, the risk of an object falling onto your feet is high.

What You Should Look For in Great Pair:

  • A good pair of work boots should be durable and tough. It should be able to withstand heavy-duty work and environmental factors for several years.
  • When choosing work footwear, an important feature to look for is moisture and odor resistance, in addition to breathability.

Best Work Boots for Women in 2021 - foot insole gloves

  • A great pair should either have a cushioned insole, or extra padding around the footbed to ensure maximum comfort for your feet.
  • You should also look for safety features such as steel toe and hazard protection. Women’s safety toe footwear is much more safe and enduring than a non-steel toe boot.
  • Finally, you should make sure that the outsole of the footwear is slip and oil-resistant. If you work in a wet environment, you should also look for water resistance features.
  • Ideally, a good pair of should be lightweight so you can wear them for several hours a day in any type of physical occupation.

The Main Differences Between Womens’ Work Boots and Mens’ Work Boots

Finding the right safety boots for women takes more than just changing the size from men’s boots and hoping for the best. Women’s feet aren’t just smaller versions of men’s feet. A study of 300 men and 500 women in the US Army proved that they are structurally different, and therefore have unique needs when it comes to the fit.

For one thing, most women have narrower heels than men. This means that a men’s boot that fits the length and width of a woman’s foot will still be loose in the heel, allowing movement that can compromise the stability and safety of the boot. Women’s calves and ankles are also shaped differently than men’s, which can further the instability and discomfort of a boot.

Best Work Boots for Women in 2021 - Lady holding computer on job site with machinery

When it comes to toes and arch length, women are generally shorter in both. Taking this into account, it means that even the “right” size of men’s work boot for a woman has the arch support in the wrong place. This can lead to pain and limited mobility if not addressed, possibly even a serious condition such as plantar fasciitis. If you’re a woman who must wear men’s boots for work, consider buying boots with no built-in arch support, and then using other insoles or custom orthotics to ensure a proper fit.

A well-fitting boot is as critical to workplace safety as the toe caps and other protective features of a work boot. This is down to not just the size, but also the shape of the boot. The good news is, more women are working in trades than ever these days, and boot manufacturers are taking notice. Companies like Ariat, Timberland and Caterpillar are expanding their lines of women’s work boots. This also means a larger variety of styles not just in boot but other types of clothes to choose from without compromising safety features.


The above list features some of the best work boots for women that you can lay your hands on. Our top recommend boots are Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe. They offer almost everything for the maximum comfort and safety of your feet.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what work footwear you use on the job! Please leave a comment if we’ve missed one of your favourites.

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