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Carolina Logging Boots – One of the Top Brands

Posted on February 26, 2021| Guides
Carolina Logging Boots – One of the Top Brands

Why Are Carolina Logger Boots One of the More Trusted Brands?

Carolina is one of the most trusted boot brands on the market. It’s no wonder. Carolina has consistently made quality, long-lasting outdoor footwear that those in the logging industry have come to love. A good-looking leather boot that will endure endless hazards and hardships during the working day, Carolina loggers are ideal for anyone working in challenging outdoor conditions.

A Few Things to Look for in Logger Boots

Before we dive into why we like Carolina loggers so much, let’s look at what you should look for in the best logger boots, in general.

1. Thick, caulked or lugged soles

Loggers have a distinctive thick sole that has a very deep tread. This tread gives the wearer traction when walking on slippery mud, logs or gravel.

Truck on the highway with tree logs.

2. High Heel

Loggers should also have a small heel that’s very effective for getting a firm grip on inclines.

3. High tops

Ankle-cut logger footwear is never acceptable. Loggers should be high on your leg to stop water from getting through your boots and to protect your ankle from punctures, crush injuries or sprains.

4. Durable, waterproof material

Most loggers are made from leather and constructed using welting methods that seal the entire boot. Usually, they also have a waterproof membrane to keep water out and heat in.

So, how well do Carolina boots meet these needs?

We should mention that another good quality brand is also Chippewa logger boots and they have been known to make boots to last years.

Why Choose a Carolina Boot?

This brand has created a diverse range of footwear to cater to each logger’s slightly different needs. But all Carolina loggers have a few important things in common. Unlike most others, all of Carolina boots feature a one-piece rubber lug outsole.

All Carolina boots are also made from high-quality Pitstop leather that’s double-stitched for durability and looks great. Despite being leather, these boots are lightweight and completely waterproof.

Two different insoles, a comfort insole for weight dispersion and an EVA midsole for shock absorption, support the natural contours of your feet. And an optional steel shank gives ankle support that can’t be beat in the 8 inch Carolina models.

Working outdoors means dealing with whatever the environment throws at you. Extreme heat, extreme cold, wet and windy weather, icy terrain, loggers face it all and need footwear that’s comfortable in all weather conditions. Carolina loggers have Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm when it’s freezing outside. Cambrella technology helps cool your feet down in hot weather.

Man cutting down tree with chain saw

Two of the best Carolina boots for logging

Carolina® Men’s 8-Inch Steel Toe Loggers

This particular work boot is one of the most popular ranges in the United States. More loggers trust the standard 8 -inch steel toe boots than any other model and tend to buy them time and time again. Waterproof and lightweight, these boots can be worn for an entire 12+ hour workday and the leather is of such high quality that it’s almost impossible to damage them. In fact, once they’re broken in, these boots are so comfortable many people find themselves wearing them even when they’re not at work. Carolina loggers also come with all the standard features you’d expect from the Carolina brand including:

  • Protective steel toe
  • Built-in steel shank for ankle support
  • Completely waterproof construction
  • Rated safe for electrical hazard
  • Single piece rubber lug sole

Reviews have reported Carolina loggers suitable for climbing ladders, motorbike riding, farming and certain types of construction. A great all-rounder, this is a casual-looking boot that offers all the support and comfort you need to get through a day’s work.

Carolina® Men’s CA9824 Waterproof Steel Toe Logger Work Boots

The Carolina CA9824 Waterproof Steel Toe is a little tougher than the standard 8 inch logger above. These boots have extra safety and comfort features that make them ideal for working in more extreme weather conditions. For this reason, they’re also the best value for money. Reviewers have also called these loggers the best multi-purpose boots for motorcycle riders. A fully notched out 2 inch heel and slip-resistant Vibram sole give great traction, exactly what you need when you’re out on your bike. Here are a few of the stand-out features these boots offer:

  • SCUBALINER, waterproof membrane lined with Taibrelle.
  • Leather uppers treated with mink oil for extra waterproofing
  • Thinsulate insulation of 600 grams
  • Goodyear Welt construction
  • Steel shank for ankle support

Carolina logger boots look and feel great, you can view their full range of boots here, but more importantly, they keep you safe while you work. Give them a try, your feet will thank you.

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