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How to Tie Work Boots: Follow These Clear and Simple instructions

Posted on February 11, 2021| Guides
How to Tie Work Boots: Follow These Clear and Simple instructions

On any job, you need to be confident and secure in your boots. With loose lacing, you’re inviting painful blisters as well as creating a hazard for yourself (and those around you).

Whether it’s your first pair of work boots or you’re a seasoned professional, handling extra-long laces and an army of eyelets in the wrong way can lead to unhappy feet. Unlike normal shoes, learning how to tie work boots is completely different altogether.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to lacework boots depending on your occupation and personal preference.

How to Lace Work Boots the Right Way

Each pair of boots is going to fit differently. For one pair, you may need a more secure fit that offers extra ankle support, while for another pair, you may need a more responsive fit if the leather is thick and lacks flexibility.(For a detailed guide to the best work boots click here)

The Over-Under Method

This method for lacing your boots is great for creating a snug, secure fit for the whole foot. If you work on unstable surfaces or your ankles feel like they have too much wiggle room, give this lacing pattern a try.

Step 1:

Start from the bottom two eyelets and thread from the outside. The outside means that the laces enter the eyelets from the top rather than from underneath.

Step 2:

Cross the laces and thread from underneath at the next two eyelets. Be sure to pull the laces after each set of eyelets to ensure a snug fit.

Step 3:

Repeat this pattern until you finish lacing and tie with a standard bow.

Step 4:

Try your boots on and make sure the fit feels supportive and comfortable.

How to Lace Boots Military Style

This method for tying your boots works well if the leather is stiff and restricts motion. Common in military boots (hence the name), this lacing pattern will allow your foot to move more freely while letting the thick leather offer needed support. Speed lacing of combat boots is also important so you can get on with your job quickly. You may also find that your laces come undone while in the middle of doing a task so knowing how to get them tied up quickly and securely is important. Although they shouldn’t come undone if you did them up properly in the first place!

(For a full guide to the best tactical/army boots click here)​

Step 1:

Thread the laces through the bottom two eyelets from underneath. Make sure you have an even amount of lacing on each side.

Step 2:

Instead of cross, thread the laces vertically through the next two eyelets(Refer to the picture if you’re unsure what this means)

Step 3:

Cross the laces and thread them through the third set of eyelets. Pull laces snug to make sure the boots don’t fit too loosely.

Step 4:

Thread the laces vertically through the fourth set of eyelets

Step 5:

Repeat this pattern and tie with a bow.If there is a lot of extra lacing, double knot the bow and tuck it in.

Which Shoe Lacing Method is Best?

You now know how to tie work boots depending on your specific needs with each pair. The over-under method is not only great for giving you added support, but also for helping prevent blisters by making sure your heel doesn’t slip.

If your new boots are stiff and rugged, the army method is going to be your go to lacing choice that you can use until they’re broken in and even afterward. Refer to the pictures if you need help visualizing and enjoy your safe, comfortable work footwear.

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