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4 of the World’s Most Comfortable Boot Socks

Posted on January 3, 2021| Guides
4 of the World’s Most Comfortable Boot Socks

Even the most comfortable work boots on the market can start to pinch and rub when you’re on your feet all day. That’s where boot socks come in. A pair of soft yet sturdy boot socks will keep your feet warm and pain-free throughout your workday. To help you shop, here’s our pick of 4 of the world’s most comfortable boot socks.

Male legs in grey sock.

Reviews of Our Top Work Boot Socks

1. Wrangler boot socks

Every American recognizes the Wrangler brand. Known for its hardworking jeans and classic workwear, that looks as good now as it did in 1947 when the company was founded, Wrangler knows how to make clothes that last. Wrangler socks are no exception. Wrangler’s boot socks from their RIGG workwear range boast many features your feet will thank you for.

  •  Made primarily from cotton and polyester with some nylon and spandex for stretch, Wrangler boot socks have “Ultra-Dri” moisture wicking control.
  • Wrangler’s boot socks support and protect your feet with a cushioned foot and elasticated arch support.
  • To ensure they’re long-lasting, Wrangler’s boot socks also have a reinforced toe and heel.

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2. Dickies boot-Length work boot socks

Dickies is another American workwear brand most people would recognise. The first product Dickies developed was a functional bib overall. Today, Dickie sells a full range of workwear that’s suitable for a range of industries. But what about their socks? As you would expect, Dickies boot-length work socks are durable and functional.

  • Work boots can rub against your heel, causing painful blisters. And anyone whose worn steel toe-capped boots knows how hard they can be on the small and sensitive joints in your toes. Dickies boot socks have reinforced heels and toes for durability and comfort.
  • Dickies work socks feature important arch compression to tackle foot fatigue, swelling, and discomfort.
  • Finally, Dickies work socks have shin protection. A cushioned area at the front of the sock creates a soft barrier between the front of your boot and your leg.

Dickies work socks are made from 73% cotton. Cotton is known for being poor at wicking moisture, which means it doesn’t pull the moisture away from your skin but absorbs it. If you work in hot conditions or your feet are often sweaty, these may not be the boot socks for you.

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3. Carhartt all-terrain boot socks

Carhartt built its reputation on producing rugged work clothes made from duck, a type of canvas material made from tightly woven cotton. Over time, Carhartt has evolved into a fashion brand better known for its stylish t-shirts and shorts. But Carhartt hasn’t abandoned its promise of durability and has developed the most hard-working boot socks you’re likely to find.

  • Carhartt’s all-terrain work socks feature NanoGLIDE reinforcement to reduce friction. No friction means no blisters which means happy feet.
  • Carhartt’s boot socks are made from a polyester, acrylic and wool blend that boasts superior sweat-wicking technology. They also have mesh cooling panels to help your feet breathe.
  • Made with “superior craftsmanship” in the USA, Carhartt boots socks promise to last as long as your work boots.

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4. Mirmaru Crew/Boot Socks

Mirmaru makes a whole range of socks but it is their multi-performance crew socks that are proving popular online. Suitable for trail running, skiing, climbing, and various outdoor work environments, these multi-performance socks are high quality and yet super affordable. Even Walmart has got in on the action and added Mirmaru socks to their in-store stock.

  • Mirmaru socks are made from a high-density cotton and Coolmax mix that has moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial qualities.
  • Arch-support and extra cushioning promises no painful blisters and stop the socks from getting worn out on the heels and toes.
  • Made from super-thick material, these socks keep your feet warm in freezing conditions.

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Summing it all up

A pair of good quality boot socks can make the difference between a challenging workday and an easy one. Treat yourself to a pair of comfortable and protective boots socks and feel the difference.

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