Treat Your Work Boots Right with the
Best Oil for Leather Boots

Finding the right oil for leather boots is more important than you might think. The best boot oils preserve leather, keeping it supple, clean and weatherproof for years to come. Treating your boots with the wrong type of oil can damage the leather and create unsightly stains. But which oil is right for your boots? This guide explores the different types of leather oil available and helps you find the best boot oil online.

What’s the best oil for my leather boots?

To choose the right oil for your leather boots, you need to determine what type of leather they’re made from. Some boot oils are all-purpose and can be used on any type of leather, while others are only suitable for heavy-duty work boots.


Dark brown leather boots close up.


Dress boots, like those with slim soles or high heels, are best served by a basic, all-purpose beeswax oil. All-purpose boot oil is perfect for shining your boots and covering small scuff marks and is safe on fine leather.

Outdoor work boots, like heavy-duty Red Wing boots or Timberlands, benefit from boot oil that contains Neatsfoot oil. Neatsfoot oil penetrates leather to condition its fibers, preventing it from cracking and improving its water repellency.

Oil tanned leather boots often require more protection from the environment and benefit from boot oil that contains mink oil. Mink oil will discolor light-colored leather and cannot be polished so is not suitable for dress boots.

Finding the best boot oil online

Now you know what you’re looking for, here’s our pick of the best tried-and-tested boot oils available online.

Obenauf’s Leather Oil


dark brown oil jar


Obenauf’s Leather Oil has been around for thirty years. The classic formula of beeswax, propolis, and other natural oils is great at restoring leather that has dried out over time. Obenauf’s Leather Oil contains no petroleum, solvents, paraffin or animal-derived oils so is safe for use on fine-grade leather boots. A regular rub down with Obenauf’s Leather Oil promises to keep your boots looking newer for longer.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner


brown container of oil with black lid.

Leather Honey’s leather conditioner rejuvenates old leather and protects new leather from damage with one application. Suitable for use on all types of leather, this gentle oil penetrates fibers beneath the surface protecting your boots from wear and tear for up to six months. The ingredients used in this conditoner are a closely-guarded family secret. However, Leather Honey guarantee there is nothing toxic in their leather conditioner so it will not stain or damage your boots. Get back to our homepage here.

Red Wing Heritage Mink Oil


red and black and white container of mink oil

Red Wing Mink Oil isn’t any old boot oil, it’s a heavy-duty oil that should only be used on work boots that are regularly exposed to the elements. Mink oil was once derived from the pelts of mink, a ferret-like mammal found in Europe and America. But today most mink oil is largely synthetic. Red Wing Mink Oil contains real mink oil, lanolin, silicone, and other ingredients. It creates a protective barrier on leather boots that’s highly water-resistant but once it is applied it cannot be wiped off. Mink oil can also affect the color of the leather and makes it impossible to buff or shine your boots.

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil


Black container of oil with white lid

Neatsfoot oil is an animal by-product derived from the feet and shin bones of cattle. Neatsfoot oil is an effective leather preserver because it lubricates and conditions leather fibers. Properly moisturized leather will not scuff or crack. Bickmore Neatsfoot Oil is 100% pure which means it has not been diluted with petroleum or any other substance. This product is moisture repellent and can be used on almost any leather product. One downside to using Neatsfoot oil is that it will darken leather so is not suitable for use on light-colored leather boots.

Finding the best oil for leather boots and applying it on a regular basis is an easy way to make them last longer. Good for the environment and easy on your wallet, start treating your footwear right today!

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