How to prevent getting blisters from Work Boots

When you’re walking around at work and you can feel your feet are in pain from blisters it has to be one of the most annoying niggling injuries you can have!

All you want to do it focus on your job, but that rubbing feeling of your boots on your skin is making your feet more painful and sore. 
So how can you prevent blisters from boots or work footwear?

man wearing old boots on dirt

The first thing is make sure that the work boots you are wearing actually fit properly to your feet!

Don’t fool yourself with this one. If the boots are too large and there is too much movement of your feet in your boots, it’s time to get a new pair. You can find some of the best designs of work boots here.

This also applies if the boots are too small. If the boots are so tight that your feet can’t move properly then again look at getting a new pair.
If you choose to keep wearing footwear that isn’t right you are going to be fighting a difficult uphill battle.

What else causes blisters when at work?

Blisters are caused by moisture that can soften the skin and this makes the skin not as strong and more easily able to create foot sores. It’s a good idea to have boots that are waterproof but still are breathable(meaning they let the moisture from your feet out while not letting unwanted water to come in).

The rubbing of your foot on your boot also creates heat which is another thing to consider.

Dirt and sand or other fine objects that get into your boots will most likely increase the friction and rubbing. If you have any holes in your boots or things are getting in the top of your boots it may be time to get a new pair. 

Cracked dirt

What can you do to prevent them

Thicker Socks

Adding cushioning in the form of thicker socks is one way to really help add another layer of protection. Just be careful that you are not overdoing it with socks that are too thick or this may cause your feet not to move correctly.

Taping Your Feet(where there's rubbing)

You may find that adding tape to areas of your feet that are experiencing pain or that already have blisters may provide some relief and allow the injured areas to heal.
Another benefit of using tape is that it allows the a layer of protection between the blister and shoe and this is especially important if the the blister has popped. The tape will stop the blister from losing the top layer of skin the protects the red open sore from further rubbing on your footwear.

Wearing Two pairs of Sock

I know what your thinking here. There’s no way I’m going to fit into my boots if I have to put two pairs of socks on and you’re probably going to be right.
The way that it will work is if you wear a thin pair of socks as the first layer on your feet and then a thinker sock that goes on the outside of the think. Here are some other tips and information on getting your boots to fit right to prevent getting sore feet and irritated skin. 

More Serious Conditions (plantar fasciitis)

If you think your feet are causing you pain from the inside, not like exterior pain such as blisters. It is worth seeking medical advice to make sure you don't have a foot condition such as plantar fasciitis. This is a condition that can cause great discomfort to the feet and as mentioned before may require additional medical advice. 


Blisters and foot sores usually start will with incorrect fitting footwear. You'll know from walking around in your boots if this is the case. Remember don't fool yourself and if you think this is the problem get a new pair. 
Otherwise you can try a few of the other things on list. 

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