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5 Seasonal Winter Jobs in the U.S

Posted on February 22, 2021| Guides
5 Seasonal Winter Jobs in the U.S

Seasonal jobs are a great CV-builder for students or those looking for more work experience (not to mention earn good cash). Some seasonal jobs can even lead to a full-time position in the future. But if you’re looking for a super fun way to spend the winter season, at home or away, working in holiday-season retail or shipping might not be your best bet. Instead, take a look at our top 5 countdown of the most fun seasonal winter jobs in the US.

Our Countdown For Winter Jobs in the U.S.A

5) Winter Resort Staff

House surrounded by cold snow

Winter resorts need winter resort staff. As we approach the snow season, resorts across the US put out job adverts for a whole host of seasonal positions. Hotels need hospitality staff, porters and cleaners. Restaurants need cooks, waiters, and dishwashers. Family fun resorts need staff with experience in childcare and education and those gondolas and ski lifts won’t operate themselves! Ski resorts and the ski towns surrounding them sustain themselves year-round on the tourist dollars that come in during ski season. Start looking for a position that works for you at least a few months ahead.

4) Winter Camp Counsellor

Summer camp gets all the press but some organizations run camps during winter school break too. Winter camps take place in a variety of settings. Nature-oriented outdoor camps usually take place near mountain resorts and look for camp counselors with winter sports experience, and CPR and first aid training. One huge bonus of these sorts of winter camps is that they’re rarely residential.

You can run around in the snow all day with kids and return to the comfort of your own bed each night! Educational winter camps also take place in museums, art galleries, theatres and science centers, getting kids out of their usual school routine and into fun-based learning. If you have qualifications in any of these areas, a winter camp counselor position could be perfect for you.

People walking through winter frost

3) Christmas Village Staff

Come wintertime, Father Christmas impersonators pop up everywhere. Every shopping mall has one, every department store and every tourist attraction. Where do they all come from? The truth is, most Father Christmases have a regular job they attend to all year round, without the white beard and red hat. Being Father Christmas is a great gig, especially if you love working with children and enjoy the opportunity to sit down at work. But Father Christmas doesn’t work alone. So even if you can’t quite pull off the Santa-look, you can still find seasonal employment as one of Santa’s elves or other minions.

2) Park Ranger or State Park Interpreter

The United States is home to more than 10,000 glorious state parks, welcoming over 800 million visitors each year. The best state parks don’t go to sleep in the winter, they continue welcoming intrepid explorers who happily accept lower winter temperatures to avoid busy summer crowds. America’s State Parks are a big employer and although competition for jobs is fierce, the benefits of are huge. Snagging a winter position as a state park interpreter or similar means enjoying a whole season of majestic views with only the most hardcore visitors to attend to. Check out and the US National Park Service for opportunities.

Work Boots for this Winter Job

Brown boots in the winter snow

This is winter job where safety is paramount and will be a requirement for the job regardless of which cold climate you’re going to be working in. Along with your park rangers outfit and other necessary gear to keep you safe you’re going ot need work boots to keep your feet safe and warm in the cold conditions. You may need steel caps depending on the type of work you’re doing but we also advise that you check out composite toes too as they don’t conduct the cold temperatures as much as the steel will.

1) Ski Instructor

And the most fun seasonal winter job of them all? Of course, its a ski instructing! For those who can’t wait to get out on the hill as soon as the first powder settles, the idea of getting paid to ski sounds too good to be true. There are dozens of world-class ski resorts across the United States. From Sun Valley, Idaho to Whitefish, Montana to CN traveller’s 2018 favorite Telluride, Colorado, there are opportunities galore in the US for seasonal ski employment.

This is a job where you’re going to have to have the best winter clothes to keep warm. Nothing would be worse than taking different groups of people out on the slopes day in and day out and freezing your toes off.

In order to work as a ski instructor in the United States, you will need a certification from the PSIA-AASI. A level 1 certification will teach you all you need to know to instruct skiers on groomed runs, including basic technique and teaching methods. Once certified you’re ready to start job hunting. Take note of perks as well as salary. As many seasonal ski instructors will attest, a free ski pass, free accommodation and other perks are often more important than the advertised salary.

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