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Under Armour Combat Boots – How does this Brand Compare?

Posted on January 28, 2021| Guides
Under Armour Combat Boots – How does this Brand Compare?

Are Under Armour Combat Boots a Superior Brand?

Under Armour Combat Boots have a great reputation as some of the best tactical boots law enforcement. Including people in SWAT and even hikers who enjoy challenging weather conditions and love Under Armour’s simple design and superior comfort. Today, Under Armour’s combats are among the most sought-after tactical boots on the market.

Who wears Under Armour Combat Boots?

Under Armour is best known for its range of moisture-wicking athletic wear. In 1996, when Under Armour was founded, this technology was revolutionary. Building on its reputation for superior design, UA designed a series of tactical boots to meet the needs of modern law enforcement. With input from tactical users, this brand Armour designed a combat boot that people in active service actually want to wear.

Besides police and military uses, UA’s footwear is great for outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone who likes to hike off the beaten track will love this range. UA’s combats have tons of smart features, so let’s take a look at their best-rated models and see if they live up to the hype.

Weather-resistant and Comfortable


If you need tactical footwear, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time outdoors. The weather can be unpredictable and you need to be able to work efficiently in all conditions. UA combats help you to do that by keeping your feet warm and dry whatever the weather. These boots are not heavily-insulated but are warm enough for most winter conditions. Importantly, this entire range has an Ortholite antimicrobial sock liner to absorb sweat and keep your feet fresh.

Navy SEAL with weapon walking through smoke with gun.


Tactical boots used to be rigid and uncomfortable. To tackle this, UA designed its entire range with superior comfort as a priority. Creating the most wearable tactical boot on the market wasn’t easy. The company looked carefully at sizing and incorporated ClutchFit technology that expands and contracts with the movement of your feet. Key to the comfort of these boots is their flexibility. You can hike in them, run, and even run errands. Some other brands also do a top job-creating boots for a similar use such as bates military boots with a solid strong design and quality craftsmanship.

Some Designs of Under Armour Combats?

UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Tactical Boot

The original Valsetz RTS Tactical was recently given an upgrade. The 1.5 version isn’t much different from their predecessor, only less expensive, and is made from leather and textiles with a synthetic upper. Truly protective, the boots’ uppers are covered with a welded film that runs around the outside of the entire foot. This welded film slows wear and tear and ensures your feet are always warm and dry.

One thing reviewers of Valsetz footwear always remark upon is how comfortable their’ Micro G foam sole is. Super bouncy, this sole guarantees a cushioned landing during high impact activities like marching or mountain hiking. Light-weight with an advanced molded sock liner, Valsetz RTS Tacticals support your feet in the places they need it most.

UA Speed Freak 7-inch Boot

UA’s Speed Freak is another popular choice. These boots differ from others in the UA range as they are 100% water-resistant. Tactical footwear that is completely waterproof but is also breathable is rare. A simple GoreTex lining keeps your feet dry while encouraging moisture to escape. A further layer of fine pigskin leather keeps the inside of the boots dry and the outside durable.

Whether you’re outdoors working or enjoying your free time, your feet will come into contact with rough terrain. This footwear has a special push-through outsole and a TPU high-abrasion toe cap that keeps your feet safe. Overall, US Speed Freaks are a great choice for anyone who needs protection from the elements. Having dry feet is essential when you’re working outdoors and these boots will keep your feet dry without suffocating them.

UA Stellar Tac Boot

A tactical boot designed with athletes in mind, UA’s Stellar Tac has consistently glowing reviews. The Stellar Tac is surprisingly lightweight, making it comfortable for running, marching and hiking on rocky terrain. The uppers are treated leather and nylon, making these boots strong yet breathable and they have a polished toe and minimalist design. A simple rubber lugged sole gives great traction. A boot that looks like smart work footwear but acts like a running shoe, the Stellar Tac is popular with people working in security and EMS.

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