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What is a Composite Toe and Should You Buy Them?

Posted on February 10, 2021| Guides
What is a Composite Toe and Should You Buy Them?

Knowing exactly what a composite toe boot is, is important when it comes down to choosing which boots are right for you.

In the construction industry, the safety boots are a very important to keep you protected from work pace hazards and keeping your feet comfortable.

The safety toe boot is designed to keep your feet protected from any potential damage that might be caused by falling objects. Since protection is so vital in this industry, employees are forced to choose between the composite and the steel toe boots.

Comp toe and hard toe next to dark boot

The composite toe is somewhat more expensive than the steel toe, but we have decided to look a little deeper and find out exactly why and which benefits’ you might be able to reap when selecting a composite safety toe boot.

What Is A Composite Toe Boot?

What are composite toe boots? This is one of the questions we regularly find from readers and workers entering the construction industry and looking to buy their first pair of boots. However, to answer that question we will need to look at the composition of what the composite capping made of.

The composite toe is as the name says, is made from top quality composite materials. It includes Kevlar Aramid fiber and Carbon fiber that has been compressed to form the layer over your toes that will keep you protected. The composite cap still includes all the basic features you will find in other safety boots, it is just a little lighter and for some people, a little more comfortable.

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Steel toe and Composite Toes what are the biggest differences?

When looking at the difference between steel toe and composite toe boots, the weight is one of the first things that come to mind. Since steel is much heavier than carbon fiber, it should come as no surprise that it will weigh you down somewhat and lead to some additional fatigue setting in.

Steel beams erected

Steel is also an excellent conductor of electricity. Unfortunately, for people working near electrical hazards and in the business of electricity, this might be a problem and the comp toe is a much better option to ensure the shoes are resistant to surges of electricity.

One of the main things they have in common is the fact that they both do adhere to ASTM standards and this should give you peace of mind. Some people also speculate that the steel toe boots may even cut off your toes if something heavy should fall onto them and force the steel downward onto your feet. Luckily, this is not the case with all steel toe boots.

The downside to the composite toe is that the composite materials do occasionally shatter if they take too much strain. It does, however, need a lot of force for this to happen and should not be something to worry about if you are simply buying a pair to replace your normal steel toe boots.

Additionally, you will also have the option of the alloy toe boots and these are much lighter than the steel toe boots is since they are constructed from alloy materials. However, it is still not recommended for facing electrical hazards if you know the area is riddled with these dangers.

In the end, it will come down to what you can afford and whether or not you are comfortable with the boots as there are many other factors to also take into consideration when selecting the ideal working boots.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Composite toe boots:

Now that you have somewhat of a better understanding of the composite toe boots and how they are constructed, you might also just need to scan through some of the benefits and drawbacks these boots offer. After using these boots for a couple of years, it has become quite apparent which features do appeal and which you might not like:


These boots are extremely lightweight, helping the user avoid being dragged down and they also combat the effects of fatigue.They are resistant to electrical hazards as the materials used in the boots do not conduct electricity. However, it is worth mentioning that you should look for any metal parts in the rest of the boot as well.

These safety toe boots also offer a ton of durability and while they may seem a little weaker than steel, they are capable of handling the same pressure if not more.

These shoes are readily available to anyone looking for a new and improved upgrade over the steel toe counterpart.


One of the main drawbacks will certainly come to mind when you look at the price. These boots are a little more expensive and this could discourage users if they do not fit inside your budget.

Should the boots take too much pressure, the composite toe might shatter over time and since they are expensive, they can be expensive to replace.

Our Wrap Up of the Composite Toe Boot?

What is a composite toe? We would also like to pose this question to you and encourage you to let us know if you have had any experiences with these boots. Please let us know in the comment section if you have had any experiences with these boots and if you would choose them over the steel toe boots for your specific job.

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