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The Best Winter Hunting Boots to Keep you Warm in 2022

Posted on February 26, 2021| Work Boots
The Best Winter Hunting Boots to Keep you Warm in 2022

When you’re out hunting, the last thing you want to worry about is your feet being cold. You need to focus on the hunt, enjoy the great outdoors and be comfortable enough to hike long distances if you need to. To do that, you need boots that will keep your feet safe, insulated, warm and dry, whatever the terrain.

We’ve scoured the market for the warmest hunting boots and found the best of the bunch.

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We will start this guide with a list of some of the warmest winter hunting boots you can buy for the winter season. If you’re interested in learning about the important features to look out for, make sure to read our buying guide below as well!

The Warmest Hunting Boots for the Winter

Now, let’s dive into the main part of this guide and look at each of our 5 top picks separately and in more detail.

1. Under Armour Men’s Brow Tine 2.0-800g Ankle Boot

Under Armour is a top brand and their Men’s Brow Tine boot does not disappoint. Available with 400 grams or 800 grams of Primaloft insulation, this boot is suitable for fall, winter and even spring hunting seasons. It is the quality of this boot that sets it apart. Made from full grain leather and moisture-wicking textiles, the uppers of these boots are attractive and durable. Breathable Storm Waterproof membrane keeps your feet warm without overheating and a UA Scent Control lining with Cupron anti-bacterial technology ensures you’ll enjoy wearing them, even way into the hunting season. A great all-round winter boot.

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2. Guide Gear Monolithic Extreme Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 2,400-gram Thinsulate Ultra

Designed to perform in the most extreme weather conditions, Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic hunting boots have 2,400 grams of Thinsulate ultra insulation and uppers made from waterproof leather. Rather than being heavy and clunky, these boots are surprisingly lightweight and breathable. The boots feature a ventilated membrane that keeps moisture out but ensures you don’t overheat and a polyurethane insole with wool fleece sock liner for comfort. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic hunting boots also have an excellent outsole with oil-resistant rubber lugs that deliver superb traction on ice. A real contender.

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3. Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 8″ 400 Gram Hunting Boot

These Irish Setter boots have 400 grams of PrimaLoft insulation. While these boots are less insulated than the others on this list, they have other features that make them a great choice for more active hunts. With patented RPM technology, these boots are significantly lighter than other similar styles. Being lace-up boots that only reach ankle high, these boots give greater freedom of movement to the wearer. These boots also have an UltraDry waterproofing system that makes them suitable for use in swamps, creeks and other bodies of water and, importantly, ScentBan technology to keep them smelling great even after they’ve been wet. A great choice for those who can’t wait for the prey to come to them.

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4. Lacrosse Men’s 4xBurly 18″ 800G Hunting Shoes

Made entirely from rubber, the Lacrosse Men’s 18” 4xBurly Hunting Shoes have 800 grams of insulating technology. A multi-layered rubber outer and Quad-core technology, which gives four layers of cushioned comfort to the soles of your feet, makes these boots one of the warmest on our list. Although they’re 18” in length, these boots are easy to put on and take off because they have an adjustable gusset that ensures the boots won’t move once they’re in place. Fully waterproof, the boot material is scent-free, meaning your prey won’t sense you coming. An impressive rubber hunting boot.

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5. Muck Boots Woody Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Men’s Winter Hunting Boot With Arctic Grip Outsole

Featuring the most advanced Vibram outsole technology to date, Muck Arctic Ice Series Extreme Conditions Men’s Winter Hunting Boots are specifically engineered to deliver grip and performance on wet ice. The Arctic Grip Outsole pods offer the most advanced traction in wet ice environments, and the multi-direction lug design provides sure footing on multi-surface terrain.

The outsole of these men’s hunting boots also features the Vibram Icetrek full base layer for unparalleled traction on dry ice. From a comfort perspective, the heavy-duty 8 mm neoprene is flexible, 100% waterproof, and possesses excellent heat-retention properties. These insulated hunting boots feature a fleece lining and 2 mm of thermal foam under the footbed to ensure exceptional warmth, with a comfort rating of -60 °F to 30 °F (-50 °C to -1 °C).

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Difference Between Summer and Winter Hunting Boots

You wouldn’t go to the beach in a duffel coat and you wouldn’t ski in a swimming costume. We take great care to dress appropriately for the occasion and the weather but rarely show that same concern for our feet.

Best Winter Hunting Boots in 2021

Different seasons bring changing conditions and terrain. As a result, summer hunting boots differ from winter hunting boots in a few key ways. In the summer, the main focus of your search for the perfect hunting boots should be comfort and relief from heat. Lightweight, breathable boots are the best choice for summer but if you’re hunting in regions with lots of early morning dew or the potential for a downpour don’t skimp on weatherproofing technology. If there’s no chance of moisture, a ventilated hiking boot may suffice.

The most important features to get right when choosing winter hunting boots are waterproofing and insulation. In summer, an uninsulated, or lightly insulated boot is fine. But in winter, especially if you live somewhere that gets very cold, only premium insulated boots will do.

What to Look for in Winter Hunting Boots

Before you can choose a new pair of hunting boots, you need to know exactly what you want. Here, we outline what features you should be looking out for and what brands truly deliver.

The best insulated hunting boots are the ones that are fit for purpose. For fairly stationary activities, such as blind or stand hunting, heavily insulated boots are best. Boots with levels of insulation at 1000 grams or more are designed to keep your feet warm in temperatures that are below freezing. If you need to be able to walk for long distances, a boot with a lower insulation level, around 400 grams, may suffice.

Best Winter Hunting Boots in 2021

Extra Warmth

Pac boots are easily recognizable as they have a thick section between the sole and upper made from rubber. This rubber shell is completely waterproof and makes Pac boots a great choice for walking and hunting in snow, however Pac boots are not suitable for hiking. Most Pac boots also come with a liner made from a super insulating material such as wool. Liners give your feet an extra layer of protection from cold air and trap warm air inside.

Snake Protection

Rubber boots are great for walking on snow or ice and are completely waterproof. However, if you’re likely to be hunting in areas of thick brush, you should consider lace-up boots. Lace up boots are not as waterproof as Pac boots but they will usually come with protection against snake bites. Certain hunting boots are made from a specially engineered fabric that can protects you against bites from the majority of poisonous snakes in North America. It’s estimated around 7,000 to 8,000 people suffer bites from venomous snakes every year in the USA. Around five of these bites become fatal.


Slipping and sliding in muddy or icy conditions is not only irritating, it’s also dangerous. When hunting, you need to be on firm footing and safe from injury. Winter hunting boots need to offer superior grip. Boots with rubber-lug outsoles are the best at absorbing impact and managing inconsistent terrains.

And the winner is…

We recommend the Muck Boots Woody Arctic Ice Extreme Conditions Men's Winter Hunting Boot With Arctic Grip Outsole as the best and warmest hunting boot for the winter in 2022.

From the Original Fieldblazer boot to this Woody Arctic Ice model, Muck Boots are engineered to keep your feet warm and dry in all conditions. Made from durable neoprene rubber, these boots are long-lasting and resistant to abrasion and puncture through the full 14 inches of their length.

A 2 mm thermal foam insole and soft fleecy lining ensures your feet are protected from chaffing, but also provides extra warmth. This boot locks out moisture but traps in heat and importantly features Vibram Ictrek and Arctic Grip technology on the outsoles that allow you to walk normally on dry or wet ice. Muck boots promise to keep your feet warm in conditions ranging from -60 °F to 30 °F (-50 °C to -1 °C).

In our opinion, these boots have it all and are hands-down the warmest hunting boots for this winter season!

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