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Women’s Construction Work Clothes: A First-Time Buyers Guide for 2022

Posted on January 2, 2021| Guides
Women’s Construction Work Clothes: A First-Time Buyers Guide for 2022

If you’re a woman starting a new career in construction, you need to consider safety wear. Most construction work clothes are designed with men in mind. Wearing men’s construction clothes that are often too big, too loose and too heavy is a safety hazard that has led to women being harmed on the job in the past.

Our Women’s Work Wear Guide

Here are some tips on buying women’s construction work clothes that keep you safe and comfortable while you work.

Lady with power tool cutting steel

Your Feet – Women’s Work Boots

When shopping for a good pair of work boots, consider these two things:


It’s not advisable to wear men’s boots in a smaller size due to the differences between men’s and women’s feet. Women’s feet are, on average, shorter than men’s but they’re also narrower and women’s ankles tend to be thinner than men’s. When sizing work boots ensure they’re the right length and width, offer proper ankle support and aren’t uncomfortably heavy.


In the past, women’s work boots have often been designed with fewer safety features. The unfair assumption being that women won’t be carrying out as heavy work as men. When working on a construction site, women need work boots with the exact same protection as men. Look for boots with steel-toed caps made from durable materials that breathe and thick, quality soles.

Work Pants

Finding work pants that fit women’s diverse body shapes has always been difficult and men’s small, medium and large sizes do not work with women’s bodies.

Women carrying timber on site

Thankfully, a number of popular outerwear brands are tackling this sizing issue head-on. Carefully designed to provide a comfortable fit for women of all sizes, new workwear collections feature work pants that work with women’s bodies. Some of these new workwear lines are also experimenting with fabric. Traditional men’s working pants are made from cotton duck canvas but hemp, organic cotton blends, and recycled polyester can offer more comfort with a lower impact on the environment.

Women’s Construction Work Gloves

It used to be impossible to find a good quality pair of work gloves that fit women’s hands. Men’s small gloves are not fit for purpose as the finger sections and wrist opening are often still too large. For women who work in construction, using power tools and other equipment, badly-fitting gloves are a serious hazard. It’s easy to get loose gloves caught in machinery and it’s tricky to grip properly when your fingers don’t reach the end of your gloves. New women’s construction gloves come in a wide range of sizes. Made from less abrasive materials that do not compromise on protection, these gloves are an important investment in your new work wardrobe.

Women’s Construction Jackets

If you’re working outside, investing in a work jacket that will keep you warm in cool temperatures is a top priority. Don’t settle for a men’s jacket that is overly bulky and limits your movement. Your work jacket should follow the contours of your body but be loose enough that you can add layers underneath if you need to. Choose a jacket with insulation, preferably recycled, that’s made from a material that will stay supple when the temperature drops. Cotton isn’t a great choice because it absorbs moisture and goes stiff as a board when it gets chilly. A fabric like hemp is ideal as it’s strong yet non-abrasive.

Smiling lady wearing hard hat and power tool

Finding women’s construction work clothes that fit as well as women’s office clothes remains a challenge. Yet there is more choice than ever before, providing you know where to look. Check out the women-specific workwear lines of major outerwear brands and be sure to try before you buy.

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