Work Boots With a Heel – Reviews And What You
Need To Know


You’ve probably seen them on the streets, but have you seen them on the work site? Could certain types of heeled boots actually be useful on a work site or are they nothing more than another fashion fad? Today we’ll take a look at a few of the different heeled work boots out there, including men’s low heeled boots and women’s high heel work boots, and review a few of the best.


Pros and cons of heeled workman boots


Low Heeled Boot Design

Certain workman boots benefit from a low heel. It’s common to see low-heeled work boots both on work sites and in casual settings, like the grocery store. A heeled boot benefits workers like loggers who are constantly negotiating unsteady terrain or linesman who climb ladders and work at height.

There are many resources to help loggers and linesmen stay safe at work but many accidents can be avoided by simply wearing boots that give good traction. A low-heeled boot with deep, heavy lugs offers superior stability and allows the wearer to lock their boots in place when working a shovel or climbing an incline.

Low-heeled work boots are also beneficial for those who have certain issues with their feet. The heel lifts the back of the foot off the ground, which can be a much more comfortable standing and walking position for people with conditions like plantar fasciitis.

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Heeled workman boots for working on site


Now for the heeled work boots you can actually wear on site.


Georgia Boot Men’s G7313


brown boot


Georgia Boot was founded in 1937 and is a recognised and trusted logger boot brand. This particular style of Georgia Boot has a 2 and ¼ inch heel. The heel helps the wearer to maintain good traction on slippery and uneven surfaces, a key feature for loggers working in muddy conditions.

This boot is made from waterproof full grain leather which keeps the wearers’ feet warm and dry on the job. The traditional lace up design with stud hooks and steel washer-set eyelets is both fashionable and functional. A steel-toe protects loggers from crush injuries and the durable Vibram rubber sole is comfortable all day. Constructed using the Goodyear welt method, it’s almost impossible to damage these hard-wearing boots.


Ariat Men’s Hybrid Rancher Western Cowboy Boot


brown boot with pattern


Another type of work boot that often features a heel is a rancher cowboy boot. Anyone who works with horses or in ranching or any kind benefits from the superior grip afforded by cowboy boots. These Ariat boots feature 4LR (4 layer footbed) technology, making them one of the most comfortable boots on the market. Made from 100% leather with a six row stitch pattern shaft, the Ariat hybrid boot looks great on anyone. Super high quality and with a price tag to match, a pair of boots like this will last you a decade.


Carhartt Men’s Oxford Black Lightweight Hiker SteelToe CMO3251


black steel toe boots low cut


For some, it’s more comfortable to wear workman boots that resemble hiking boots. Only ankle high, these boots have all the added protections of a workman boot but are lightweight and flexible. The uppers of this boot is made from textile and synthetic materials. The sole is rubber and the footbed is made from two different types of foam, engineered using data from 120,000 3D foot scans.

This footbed and sole, which features a slightly raised heel, has advanced rebound abilities so you can put all kinds of impact pressure on your feet without sustaining injury. Finally, these boots offer protection against contact with electrical circuits of 18,000 volts of less. Good to know!


Adtec Women’s Work Boots 9″ Steel Toe Logger


brown boot with mid height


It’s unclear what makes these boots women’s work boots, other than the sizing. These Adtec work boots are logger boots, meaning they have a low heel that is a different height to the rest of the sole and separated by a gap. That gap is important, particularly if the wearer climbs ladders as part of their job, as it allows them to lock their feet in place. These boots also have a steel toe, making them perfect for construction and manufacturing jobs.


Like Georgia Boot’s loggers, these boots are made using the Goodyear welt method and are incredibly tough. Made from 100% “crazy horse” leather, it’s recommended that you break these boots in before wearing them to work. Massage the leather with mink oil for at least 7 days while you wear the boots to encourage them to mold to the shape of your feet. Overall, a sturdy boot that looks and feels great on your feet.



High Heeled Boot Design (For Women)

High heel work boots designed for women with an actual high heel are a strong fashion choice but are not beneficial on a work site. High heeled women’s work boots are hard-wearing so should last a long time, but the nature of a high heel is too unwieldly to be worn while performing actual manual labor. That said, if you’re in the market for a pair of high heeled work boots, we’ve reviewed two of our favorites!



Timberland Women’s Allington 6in Lace Up High Boots



First up, it’s a pair of Timberland women’s boots with a twist. These Allington boots have all of the hallmarks of classic Timberland boots, uppers made from soft nubuck leather; thick sole with a deep tread made from gum rubber; signature Timberland tree logo and yellow laces. The twist is that these boots have a 6 inch high heels. Although these Timberland high heel work boots look great with jeans and are well reviewed on Amazon, they would not provide adequate protection on a work site.



Dr. Martens Women’s Averil Fashion Boot


black boots with heel


Dr Martens, another archetypal shoe manufacturer, has created its own version of the women’s high heeled work boot. Dr Martens Averil fashion boot is a twist on the classic Dr Martens style. An ankle boot with an iconic air-cushioned sole, the Averil boot also features a 4 inch high heel.

The sole is attached to the upper with Dr Martens signature visible sidewall stitch and features the classic scripted heel loop to help you put them on and take them off. Like the heeled Timberland boots, these boots are a strong fashion choice that is sure to turn heads but would be unacceptable as safety footwear on any kind of work site.




Our Winner!

Mellow Walk Vanessa Women’s Black Leather Engineer


Black boots with buckles and small heel


These boots from Mellow Walk are effective, protective work boots that have a raised heel. Made from full grain leather, these boots are 8 inches high and have a steel shaft that supports the wearer’s ankle and arch. These boots are CSA-approved, puncture-resistant and have a steel toe, all features you need to have before you step out onto the work site. In addition, these boots are electrical hazard resistant and have an outsole that’s slip resistant.

The heel is only 1 and ½ inches in height but that can make all the difference to your posture and your foot’s ability to absorb impact. Even better, these boots look great and, if needed, can take you from the office to the work site to the bar!

High heeled work boots have no place on the work site but boots with a low heel can offer great traction and superior comfort. Try one of our picks of the best heeled workman boots on the market and feel the difference for yourself!

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